18 Films To See At The London Film Festival 2017

The BFI London Film Festival 2017 programme is crammed full of exciting new films, and we’ve picked out 18 highlights – from gala screenings to niche gems!

Carmen on the Lake

The spectacular Bregenz Festival is held in Austria every year and this is your chance to experience Carmen on the Lake whilst slurping coke and munching popcorn at your local cinema.

Bubble Waffles, Poutine, Raw Dough, Sliders & Seitan: 5 London Food Crazes

From Soho’s bubble waffles to Deptford’s dirty vegan feasts London is in a fast food frenzy.

bearpit karaoke is coming to London

Berlin’s bonkers Bearpit Karaoke is coming to London folks! Bearpit Karaoke | Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens | 14-16 & 28-30 September | 6-9pm | Free If you’ve explored beyond the most touristy of Berlin highlight you might already have discovered Joe Hatchiban’s…

#ArmingTheWorld: Interview with ice and fire Artistic Director Christine Bacon

We distracted ice and fire Artistic Director Christine Bacon to find out about the ideas behind #ArmingTheWorld, theatre as activism, inspirations & more!

La Soiree

We’re really excited to see our favourite yuletide cabaret spectacular La Soirée is back in London for 2017 at the Aldwych

Tori Amos Album Launch - 'A Spellbinding Set'

Tori Amos chose The Courtyard Theatre in Hoxton for the launch party celebrating the release of her latest album, Native Invader…

Unmissable Things To Do in London - September 2017

Remember, remember, it’s only September – keep your fireworks dry and enjoy the end of summer with a month of amazing things to do in London!

The Committee - The Yard Theatre

We were excited to see that our fave new theatre The Yard Theatre now has an amazing young theatre called The Committee.

★★★★ The Checkout at Hen & Chickens Theatre

The Checkout is a rib-tickling oddball comedy about a mum who checks out from reality. And ballet.