★★★★★ For the Birds is a trail of artworks experienced at night in a secret woodland location, part of the 2017 Brighton Festival

Angels in America - National Theatre

​A must-see tragi-comedy classic for the binge watch generation.

£5 tickets for Brighton Festival - Celebrate 5 years of To Do List with #FIVERAMA
We are so excited to celebrate 5 years of bringing fringe and offbeat culture to the forefront. To honour the occasion we're offering a series of exclusive £5 ticket offers every week in May. Please note all offers are subject...
Unmissable Things To Do In London in May 2017

Mayday Mayday! Spring has sprung, summer is coming, and London is full of fab fun frolics to keep you smiling obliviously as we approach armageddon!


It’s nearly time for summer to pulsate through the city and free festivals in London give space for the community to party for free & get the most out of the city.

Meltdown Festival

Legendary rapper, producer, director and visual artist M.I.A. has crafted a Meltdown Festival like no other. And hell we need surely deserve cheering up with a better vision of the future this year? So who’s floating our boat in the line…

3 Hot New & RevAMPed London Music Venues

We’re happy to report that despite many closures there is some hope for new and supercharged London music venues.

Let’s have a good gawp at these sonispheres.

Mouth to Mouth Interview Joe Roberts

We caught up with Joe Roberts from hot new night out Mouth to Mouth at Dalston Superstore.

Birmingham To Do List Weekender #2

You’ve probably heard about the canals, but there’s more to Birmingham than unrealistic comparisons with Venice… Go on, escape the confines of the M25!

£5 tickets for Disco 54 at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club - Celebrate 5 Years of To Do List with #FIVERAMA

We’re celebrating 5 years of To Do List with a £5 ticket offer to dance the night away at our favorite haunt Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club.

Driftwood at Underbelly Festival

We’re celebrating 5 years of To Do List with a £5 ticket offer to see world-class circus at Underbelly Festival Southbank.

2017 Film Preview: 25 Films You Might Not Have Heard Of (Yet)

We’ve scoured the release schedules for 2017, looking for some of the less obvious gems that should keep you visiting your local silver screen right through the year!

£5 Wilton's Music Hall Tickets - Boris & Sergey + Tatterdemalion - Celebrate 5 Years of To Do List with #FIVERAMA

If you’ve never been to Wilton’s Music Hall before, you’re in for a treat! Use our £5 offer to discover the world’s oldest surviving grand Music Hall!