Free Secrets & Lies Exhibition in Camden

We’re very excited to let you know about this amazing new art exhibition featuring artworks including Paula Rego.

Who's that Saxy Bitch? CAMP Christmas treat!

Exclusive CAMP christmas video of Ginger and her SAX.

14 Incredible London Christmas Shows 2014

This Christmas, why not escape the dire TV selection & enjoy a world of London Christmas shows – packed to the brim with all the yummy stuffing you can take!

Heroes Grotto of Comedy - Festive Fringe Pop-Up

Heroes Grotto of Comedy | 27c Throgmorton Street | December 3 – 18

A festive two week run in, hosting some of the hottest, award winning names in comedy.

You Me Bum Bum Train is back in 2015 hopefully - Updated 06/12

As if it wasn’t exciting enough that The Hunger Games will become a stage show in 2016 we have snaffled some info to reveal that immersive cult hit You Me Bum Bum Train is back for 2015.

Normcore - 10 Ways to Be Normal in London

As much as we’re all about the quirky, kooky and offbeat, sometimes what we really yearn for is a dose of comforting normality.

And with the advent of the hot new fashion/lifestyle trend NORMCORE now seemed liked the perfect time for ten ways to be normal in London.

£10 free credit on Yplan - today only! Here's our picks...

Today the Metro published a great YPlan feature with a code for £10 free credit on the going out app.

5 Ways To Do Something Meaningful on #BlackFriday

Crass commercialism is ready to explode for a debauched #BlackFriday weekend of spending online and in shops all around London. Here’s 5 ways you can focus your energy on something meaningful this weekend…

8 Quirky Picks for Halloween in London

Here’s 8 spooky ways to spend your Halloween in London…


Go on a musical odyssey through some of the most offensively ‘middle of the road’ music around with cabaret misfits and To Do List faves: Bourgeois & Maurice and David Hoyle.

The Barry Wise Tour of Soho

Think you know Soho, well you don’t the half of it! Barry Wise has got some golden nuggets for you on this immersive comedy walking tour.

Here Lies Love

David Byrne and Fatboy Slim’s Here Lies Love opens the brand new Dorfman Theatre at the National, with its story of Imelda Marcos, First Lady of the Philippines, from her meteoric rise to power to descent into infamy and disgrace.

#LFF14 Review: Mr Turner

Mr Turner ★★★★ – Mike Leigh’s latest is a beautiful, if uneventful, portrait of one of Britain’s finest landscape painters, Joseph Mallord William Turner.

A Series of Increasingly Impossible Acts

A Series of Increasingly Impossible Acts was the talk of the town in Edinboro this year, so if you missed it be sure to catch this short run of theatrical dynamite at the lovely artsdepot.

#LFF14 Review: Bypass

Bypass ★★★★ – George MacKay gives a magnetic performance in this dark, tense window onto the lives of those Conservative Britain most wants us to forget.